Aviation Training Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Aviation training schools teach students how to fly planes, teach others to fly, or how to maintain aircraft. There are many job opportunities within the aviation industry, on the ground and in the air, and many places to receive FAA-approved education. The first step in getting into this ever-advancing field is attending one of the country's aviation training schools and deciding which position is best for you.

Becoming a pilot is a great objective for the enthusiastic student. The training is difficult, and a college degree is required, but the perks are great; you'll get views many people never see. However, there are drawbacks, too: the number of hours per year you can fly is limited to 1,000, and there is a mandatory retirement.

Some Aviation Training Schools Teach You to Teach

Becoming a CFI, or Certified Flight Instructor, is another popular option for the aviation-minded person. Not only will you get to learn to fly--plus get tested on your flying ability--you will learn how to share your passion for flying with others. As a flight instructor, you work with students in classrooms and the cockpit.

Maybe you are not a people person, but more of a mechanical one. Aviation training schools have plenty of classes for the would-be mechanic as well. Aircraft maintenance isn't just a challenging job--plane engines are quite complex--but a serious one, too; lives are at stake each time a plane leaves the runway. As technology steamrolls into the future, new planes will incorporate technological and mechanical advancements, keeping you on your toes.

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