Flight Academies

Written by Robert Mac
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Flight academies transform normal people like you and me into jet-setting pilots. All it takes is a little bit of time, some money for tuition, and lots of hard work. For many dedicated pilots-to-be, flight academies are the first step toward an exciting career in the cockpit, flying hundreds of miles an hour, six miles above the surface of the earth.

Some Flight Academies Are Bigger Than Others

The Pan Am International Flight Academy is world's leading airline and pilot training academy. They also provide advanced training for more than 200 national and international airlines' flight crews. Since they have relationships with regional and national airlines around the globe, they can assist in placing their graduates in appropriate jobs once they've completed their studies.

The students at Pan Am go through a very busy training program that mimics the demanding pace of an airline environment. They need to be on campus daily: there are generally one to three training sessions, which may include air, ground, or simulator training. The goal of the Pan Am Academy is to place all their graduates in airline positions, and that means a lot of hard work for the students and staff.

Other flight academies may not be quite as large and encompassing, but generally speaking, flight programs are run like a tight ship. It's a challenging profession, and the training to get there is likewise taxing, organized, and fast-paced. But the reward--a pilot's license--is worth the effort.

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