Flight School Directories

Written by Robert Mac
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Flight school directories seem to go on forever; there are a lot of places that offer aviation (and aviation-related) classes. Some are academies that focus solely on flying, while others are typical colleges with aeronautic schools within their broader curriculum. Then there is the occasional club-style flight school; directories worth their salt will list them all.

Your long-term goals play a role in which type of institution you should approach. If you are interested just in flying with the goal of being a commercial pilot, a stand-alone academy is a good choice, as they are geared toward that result. Colleges tend to take a more academic approach and may include a more rounded selection of related fields, such as air control or aircraft technologies.

Study Flight School Directories Before You Take off

Complete flight school directories will list some of the unique benefits of a given institution. For instance, a bachelor degree is generally required to be a pilot for a commercial airline. A good directory should list which institutions allow you to earn a degree online from a different college while taking your aviation classes.

Directories will also list all the pertinent info that a potential pilot will want to know. How long the program is, where it is, and what it will cost. A flying program in Alaska sounds great, but not if it only operates during the winter. Like any search for higher education, getting as much information as possible will let you make the most educated decision--and a good flight school directory is the first step.

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