Flying Lessons

Written by Robert Mac
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Flying lessons, plus other training, turn regular folks into pilots; it's not out of reach for the average person. In fact, there are hundreds of aviation schools across the country offering intensive training programs, flight instruction, and flying lessons at all levels of expertise. New pilots can earn their pilot's licenses and experienced flyers can gain higher certifications.

Flying Lessons at Clearwater

For example, Clearwater Aviation Academy on the west coast of Florida offers one-on-one training. Students work toward a private pilot's license (the first rung on the aviation ladder), more sophisticated certificates (involving instrument panels, multi-engine aircraft, and so on), and the top spot: airline transport pilot. Though generally beautiful year round, if the skies make flight impractical, you can take your flying lessons inside.

Clearwater uses the AST Hawk FTD, a high-tech flight simulator, in all of its classes. This powerful training tool lets students stop in "mid-flight" if they have a question, and lets them "take off" again after it's been answered. Because of this flexibility, the Hawk can help students tackle specific areas of study where they aren't as strong as others.

By using both a refurbished fleet of planes in the air and the most advanced ground training simulators, Clearwater promotes a way to "train right; fly right." If you want to take your lessons in sunny Florida, check out the benefits of Clearwater. Remember, though, there are many other institutions with their own unique advantages that appeal to different pilots for different reasons. Looking at an online directory should be the first step in choosing a flight school.

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