Flying Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Flying schools, like colleges or any other higher-education institutions, vary in their classes, approaches to teaching, and overall feel. They also vary in location: you can attend flying schools just about anywhere in the country. For some students, studying far from home is a distraction; for others, it's a great chance to see different parts of the U.S.

Flying Schools Are All over the Map

From California to the New York Island, this land was made for you and me. And for lots of flying schools, too. We obviously can't go into fine detail about the benefits of all of them, but we can look at a few for comparison's sake: the American Academy of Aeronautics in California and Aquila Aviation in Florida.

The American Academy of Aeronautics is located in San Jose and is designed for students who are aiming to become professional pilots; their curriculum is also for pilots hoping to earn higher certifications. A team of pilots from three backgrounds--safety, quality, and psychology--developed the program, and those influences are apparent in the Academy's instruction. Their approach is now considered one of the best methods for training students on the importance of aviation safety.

Aquila Aviation, on the other hand (and the other coast), offers both airplane and helicopter training. While being dual rated is advantageous for employment reasons, there is twice as much training to earn certification. Aquila, too, emphasizes the importance of safety, but also the need for good rapport between instructor and student; students need to have complete confidence in their instructor to make the learning process as effective as possible.

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