Helicopter Flight Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Helicopter flight schools are the only places to learn the necessary skills to become certified pilots. But not to worry: there are hundreds of them around the country. Searching all the helicopter flight schools for the one that suits your needs best is the first move toward learning to master a helicopter--or possibly upgrading to an exciting new profession.

Florida Helicopter Flight Schools

There are helicopter flight schools in just about every state in the union, and dozens alone in sunny Florida; some are worth a second look. Aquila Aviation has a flight training package that allows you to take two flights a day and attend as many scheduled classes as you want until you've met your requirements. Their philosophy is "safety, honesty, and integrity."

Helicopter Adventures is located in the middle of some serious aviation history--the space shuttle launch pads at Kennedy Space Center are not far away. Also nearby is plenty of undeveloped land, so pilots can learn to fly without disrupting neighborhoods. The Orlando airport and surrounding areas teach student pilots radio communication in a busier airspace.

Volar Helicopters is the first flight school for helicopters to use the Cicare SVH3 trainer simulator. On days when inclement weather forces aircraft to stay grounded, students can earn flight hours on these FAA-approved simulators. Volar also has a successful job placement program for their graduating students. And if Florida isn't the place for you, there are plenty of others.

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