Helicopter Flight Training

Written by Robert Mac
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Helicopter flight training is available at a number of aviation schools around the nation--plus many others overseas. Completion of your training will make you eligible for a number of exciting jobs: aerial photography, law enforcement, celebrity or corporate transportation, and Hollywood stunt pilot each require certified helicopter flight training. Are you up to the challenge?

Helicopter Flight Training Is More Difficult Than Airplane Training

Even though the requirements for basic helicopter and airplane certifications are the same, it is more difficult--and possibly more time consuming--to learn to fly a helicopter. For one thing, the actual flying is more exhausting: for instance, you can never take your hand off the cyclic control. Plus, since you are traveling in three dimensions--airplanes only fly in two--you have more controls and airspace to worry about.

After your initial helicopter flight training, you may be able to fly two to three hours per day before fatiguing. On the other hand, airplane pilots can comfortably fly four to five hours a day. Essentially, it will take more flights in a helicopter than a plane to get your required 40 hours of flight-time.

But your training will pay off in the long run: once you receive your certificate, you'll be available to fly. Of course, advanced training is required for a commercial license; you'll need one to charge people for your services. Consider this option, too: dual certified pilots (for both helicopter and airplane) have twice as many job opportunities, especially in the corporate world.

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