Helicopter Pilot Training

Written by Dina Kayed
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Helicopters are the first type of flying machine man ever thought of. In the 16th Century, the Chinese used to play with a hand-spun toy that represented the basic idea of a helicopter. Over the years many scientists and aviation pioneers tried many different methods to create a helicopter that worked. They overcame many obstacles to finally enable the invention of the helicopter we know today.

Training Pilots for Helicopters

Learning to fly a helicopter can be a very exciting experience. You will start by learning all about how the helicopter works. Then you will learn what to expect when you are up in the air. Students are never left to their own devices. Helicopter instructors are there to help students step by step; they are trained to help you feel at home with the helicopter and to strengthen your confidence in flying before you take your first lesson.

There are a few requirements that need to be met before you can be accepted as a student. Height is one of them. You should not be less than 5'2" and no taller than 6'6". A student should not weigh more than 250 pounds; the training can be very strenuous for overweight students and could pose a health hazard. The student, of course, has to be of age; most schools accept students out of high school.

To obtain a helicopter flying license you will face many challenges. Some of these are easy to overcome but others need a little more time. After a student gets a helicopter pilot certificate, he or she will be able to take family and friends flying. A student could even buy his or her own helicopter; they start at around $75,000. Obtaining your license will enable you to apply for your first job.

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