Online Flight Lessons

Written by Robert Mac
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Online flight lessons are now available for the prospective pilot. With more than a dozen task-specific lessons, FirstFlight offers effective and affordable steps towards becoming a pilot. Since these are online flight lessons, they are constantly updated with the latest information and enhanced with the newest graphics and technologies--by comparison, books and CD-ROMs are only as current as when they were published.

The Origins of Online Flight Lessons

FirstFlight began in 1995 as a simple website designed by a FAA-certified flight instructor. The instructor, Trevor Saxty, holds a number of certificates and instrument ratings in both flight and ground training, and is still active in flight training. Since then, his original site has blossomed into a complete multi-media online aviation training system.

Essentially, subscribers sign on for unlimited access for a period of six months; this is generally enough time to master all of the online flight lessons and prepare one for a flight with an actual flight instructor. Lessons are laid out in a logical sequence, but can be taken in any order. For example, the first online lesson is inspecting a plane prior to a flight; it includes about 40 interior and exterior inspection points.

Later lessons train pilots in a number of emergency procedures, touch and go landings, radio navigation techniques, night flying strategies, and so on. A final lesson prepares pilots for a practical test. FirstFlight makes it clear, however, that their lessons are not a substitute for the operations manual of the plane you plan to fly.

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