Online Flight Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Online flight schools directories are comprehensive web listings of aviation institutions, colleges with aeronautic programs, and flying clubs. Just like everything else in our technological culture, you can quickly find more information online. Flight schools are listed with all their pertinent data: locations, classes, prices, and what sets them apart from the competition.

Browsing Online? Flight Schools Are High-Flying Sites

There are hundreds of online flight schools listed today--what exactly are you looking for? The Pan Am International Flight Academy is the world leader in pilot training; if you plan to be a pilot on a major commercial airline, this academy is worth a look. They have an aggressive training program and aim to place 100 percent of their graduates in airline jobs.

Other institutions, such as Caldwell Community College, place their students in the aerospace industry, state and federal organizations, the military, and commercial airlines, too. Not just for pilots, they train personnel to be flight instructors, dispatchers, and airport managers. They are located in North Carolina, and are one of just three community college aviation programs in the state.

Choosing an institution for higher education is a serious task, and shouldn't be handled too quickly--especially one that's potentially expensive--and rewarding. Searching the listings of these schools and academies is a reliable first step, but further research is required: different programs have different requirements, expectations, and costs. Keep in mind that flying for a regional or national airline requires a college degree; some of these institutions offer degrees or work with schools that do. Flight school directories should have more information on this.

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