Pilot Schools

Written by Robert Mac
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Pilot schools offer all the classes prospective aviators need to become professional pilots. With an estimated 10,000 pilots retiring in the next five years or so--due to mandatory retirement regulations--there will be plenty of job openings. There are pilot schools all around the country ready to turn enthusiastic students into regional or nationally-based commercial pilots.

Pilot Schools Are Only Part of the Requirements

While pilot schools provide training for the various ratings and certifications a pilot needs--such as private pilot or instrument rating--that's not enough to get a job as a pilot. For one thing, a pilot must also have a four-year college degree as well. Many aviation schools are run by colleges or have programs with colleges to satisfy this requirement.

Becoming a professional pilot is like applying for any other job; potential employers look for proper training, professionalism, and responsibility. Obviously, you won't be able to apply for a pilot's job without the necessary certifications, but your past employment may come up. Your record should be as clean as possible--quitting a previous job may have seemed right when you were younger, but may appear impatient to someone else today.

Your employment history and driving record (another source potential bosses may examine when choosing employees) can't be changed; however, your present attitude is something you can change. An employer wants employees that fit well into the company structure and "play well with others." Being an eager team player will score more points than a being a quiet loner, and may be the deciding factor in getting that dream pilot job or not.

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