Pilot Training

Written by Dina Kayed
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Man has made many attempts to fly over the centuries. Legend tells us about the man who made wings out of wax so that he could fulfill his dream of flying. The wings melted when he flew too close to the sun and he fell back to earth. Others throughout history have tried jumping from high places and buildings using wings invariably made from bird feathers. Of course no one succeeded in his attempt to fly.

The Wright Brothers were the first to bring the dream of flying into the realm of the possible. In 1903 they invented a flying machine, the first aircraft ever to make a flight carrying a passenger. They collected a great deal of data that ultimately helped them to succeed in overcoming the obstacles that had been preventing other engineers from flying an aircraft. There were three main problems they managed to overcome even though they were not fully trained engineers.

The Invention of Aircraft

The first and main issue concerned the lift of the aircraft. They designed a rectangular wind tunnel out of a wooden box. They installed a measuring device inside it and used a fan to generate an air current. They tested many different types of wings and it took them months of experimenting to arrive at the right calculations to lift an air craft.

The second obstacle concerned controlling an aircraft. Other engineers considered that the crux of the matter was to create a stable craft but the Wright Brothers believed that the aircraft should be capable of adjusting to wind changes. They were right. It is very important to take into consideration speed and direction to successfully create an aircraft.

Solving the Riddles

Finally they solved the issue of the propeller design which gives a machine the power to move vertically in the air. The old propeller design was not able to push an aircraft through the air. The Wright Brothers' propeller design was very successful and is still used in aircraft to this day.

The mystery of being airborne still holds a great deal of excitement for many people all over the world. Every year thousands beat a path to flying schools in order to make a living doing what seems so attractive to them. Before taking the step of learning to fly, it is necessary to ensure that you're attending a legitimate school.

Learning How to Fly

Pilot training could take anything from a year to three years to complete, depending on the student's financial situation, the number of training hours per day or per week and the kind of flying license the student is trying to obtain. The cost for pilot training depends on the type of aircraft you wish to fly. The more complex the aircraft is the more expensive the training is.

Could You Be a Pilot?

Generally educational qualifications are not required to start training as a pilot. It is recommended to have a good background in math, English and physics because it helps the student pass the training exams. A high school diploma is generally required. There are degrees in aviation that any student can obtain to help him understand and pass pilot training.

When looking for a pilot training school it is very important to look for quality. The school should be able to provide the students with the needed knowledge and skills to be able to fly safely. It is advised to take into consideration whether you are training for pleasure or to make flying a career. There are required medical checks a student will be asked to pass before flying solo.

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