Detc Accreditation

Written by Ingrid Chen
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The Distance and Education Training Council is an agency that manages the accreditation of degrees of all kinds. Founded in 1926, the DETC's goal was to provide a means for individuals to receive a quality education without having to attend classes at school campuses. This idea gave individuals the freedom to choose their pace of education, as well as the ability to have access to proper schooling that they otherwise could not obtain.

Distance learning was originally founded on mail correspondence and telecommunications. As online resources became more and more available to the general public, so did the ability to attend online courses. With the help of the Internet, distance education is now an extremely popular means of degree certification, with over 2 million students enrolled in accredited schools and institutions.

DETC and the Military

The Armed Forces have found the DETC accredited institutions to be especially helpful for those in military service who planned to return to the regular workforce. Without a high school, trade school, or other college degree, many of these individuals would be at a disadvantage in job application and pursuing higher education. Instead, military schooling institutions have been established to meet the needs of thousands of military individuals.

Over 500 topics of study are offered in DETC accredited schools, which span over 80 institutions in the U.S., as well as seven in other countries. Succeeding with a degree obtained through distance education is not uncommon. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a recipient of a distance learning-attained degree, as well as Nelson Mandela and innovator Walter Chrysler, head of Chrysler Automobile Corporation.

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