Finish High School

Written by Ingrid Chen
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There are a surprising number of individuals who do not complete the mandatory high school diplomas required by U.S. educational regulations. However, the chance to finish high school is still widely available. In order to get the equivalency of a high school diploma, one must pass the GED (General Educational Development) exams.

Why Should I Finish High School?

These tests are vital to anyone looking to pursue certain job opportunities, advance in careers, or apply for college, among other reasons. The subjects that the GED covers are wide in variety, and have been changed since its creation in 1942 to meet the needs of economic growth, business needs, and increasing globalization. The original purpose of the GED was to provide WWII veterans with a means of completing the high school diplomas necessary to pursue higher schooling or job opportunities. The tests are now available to nearly everyone (not just war veterans) who wish to advance in work and education.

The process of getting a GED may seem overwhelming. With the help of some materials and resources, however, the process can be made simpler. These days, guidance "counselors" are available for students wanting assistance and support from an expert individual. Group classes are also common, where every subject is broken down into easy-to-manage study points. Doing a little research on the Internet can also vastly improve study efficiency. Basic practice tests, for example, are available for free on several sites. More extensive practice exercises can be found through GED prep resource sites.

The GED tests are extremely common, and testing sites can be found everywhere. The dates, times, locations and scoring methods can vary according to what state you live in. If you feel like you're having trouble studying, look into some of the above resources to successfully pass the exams.

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