Ged Applications

Written by Ingrid Chen
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If you haven't completed your high school diploma, it may be extremely beneficial to obtain a diploma equivalency. A GED may be the difference between being stuck in the same job position, or advancing in career status. The commonly accepted equivalency test is the GED.

GED, or General Educational Development, serves as the qualifier for diploma seekers to complete the certification. These tests were developed by the Center for Adult Learning and Education Credentials during WWII in order to allow young war vets to complete secondary schooling that they missed while serving in the military. Just as it is today, the GED was considered vital for individuals who wanted to apply for certain jobs and most colleges.

Now the tests are not limited merely to war veterans. Adults from all areas and walks of life choose to pursue GED certification for purposes of career advancement, continued learning application requirements, and even just for the sake of obtaining the diploma, and subsequent satisfaction, they skipped the first time.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the GED testing, you must have at least a ninth grade reading level. Though the tests are the same because they are standardized by institutional policies, the application process varies from state to state. Age minimums may apply (usually minimum 16 years old), and costs may differ between testing areas. Though some rules are the same in every state, each testing center may have specific policies for applications. There are over 3,000 GED testing centers in the United States and Canada, so chances are there is one near you, which you can contact to find out the specifics.

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