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Written by Ingrid Chen
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If you've recently looked at job listings, you may find that many employers require that applicants have completed high school or received an equivalency. When the job market is tight and the economy is in or coming out of recession, oftentimes employers can be overwhelmed with resumes of vying individuals. Though it may be possible to win a job position simply through experience, or even a great interview, a diploma certification is the easiest way for employers to gauge the general knowledge of applicants.

It is possible for those who did not finish high school to complete the requirements needed to obtain a diploma. This can be achieved through attaining a GED (General Educational Development) certification. The GED is generally accepted as the equivalent of the completion of high school. This test was developed during WWII to help war veterans complete secondary schooling, and is now available for anyone wishing to do the same.

What's on the Test

Every part of the test uses different testing methods. The questions range from multiple-choice to essay portions. The essay portion is part of the writing section. These are generally "how to" texts, which require 200 to 300 words (12 to 18 sentences) about topics such as planning trips, writing resumes and securing jobs.

If you're not especially strong in the language arts, reading or writing, your best bet may be to find outside help from experienced GED professionals. Study help can be found through online materials and resources, such as practice tests and textbooks. One can also enroll in classes focusing specifically on GED topics and test success.

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