High School Correspondence Courses

Written by Ingrid Chen
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There is a significant number of individuals who leave high school prematurely and miss graduating, sometimes only by just a few credits. Contrary to common belief, these individuals have the opportunity to turn their graduation status around. Obtaining a GED is the standard high school equivalence credential for individuals who left and have since decided to finish their secondary schooling.

The GED itself was created during WWII as a way for young veterans, plucked right out of high school to serve in the military, to complete their diploma requirements. This was considered vital in preparation for entering the workforce. GEDs are now available to anyone over 16 without a high school diploma and not enrolled in high school. Rules and regulations vary from state to state, so check your local testing center for specifics.

The test consists of five main subjects: science, math, reading, writing and social studies. Each subject touches on multiple sub-topics, in an effort to test all general aspects of a high school diploma requirement. Studying for the tests can seem particularly overwhelming, but may be simplified with a little outside help.

The Benefits of Correspondence Courses

Adults commonly find themselves in a situation where study time is limited, and leaving their homes to attend courses is not possible with work and family obligations. Correspondence courses, however, are a great alternative. That way, the testing individual does not have to leave his or her home to participate in a study group, led by a certified GED teacher and guide.

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