High School Equivalency

Written by Ingrid Chen
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Whether you dropped out of school or are looking to possibly leave high school early, looking into the GED is imperative for recovering from a missed or skipped high school graduation. The GED, or General Education Diploma, was originally a way for WWII veterans to recover the school credits missed while serving in the military. It serves a similar purpose still, except it is available now to non-military individuals as well.

Missing high school may slow you down a bit, but you should not allow it to impede any career goals you may have. It's not too late to recover from previous mistakes. Nowadays in order to even apply for certain jobs and schools, a high school diploma is highly recommended and/or required in order to be considered a serious, prospective applicant. Getting a GED is considered by over 95 percent of schools and businesses as equally weighted with a high school diploma.

What's on the GED Test

The GED test is made up of five major subjects: math, science, reading, writing and social studies. Every subject covers a vast amount of sub-topics, ranging from world events to resume composition. The writing section, for example, has two parts. The first part is multiple choice, based on interpretation of documents (emails, memos and other forms business correspondence). The second part is a "how to" essay question, graded on a four point scale, which you must receive a score of at least two in order to pass.

The test takes about seven and a half hours, taken in either one sitting or two separate sittings according to regional regulations. Generally, testers must be at least 16 years of age, not enrolled in high school, and may be required to be out of school for a certain period of time before being allowed to take the GED test. Every state has different regulations, however, so check the testing center nearest to you to find out your local regulations. There are over 3,000 testing centers in North America, so you can most likely find a center convenient to your location.

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