Online High Schools

Written by Ingrid Chen
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For whatever reasons that you may have missed out on the last years of high school, there are options available to recover from that lost time. Online high schools nowadays offer courses and study materials designed to make up for high school classes without actually re-entering schools. The focus of these schools is to gain the knowledge needed to obtain a GED (General Education Development) accreditation, which serves as a high school diploma equivalency.

What Is a GED?

The GED was an idea born during World War II as a means of allowing young war veterans to complete their high school credits and enter the real workforce. Gradually the tests became available to anyone. GEDs have become a common and popular way of obtaining the credentials necessary for many occupations. Job listings and even volunteer social work often require high school diplomacy or equivalency.

For those wishing to complete their high school diplomas, the GED is available to individuals nationwide. Testing centers exist in most regions of the country. Depending on the location and state, tests are offered on a regular basis, generally monthly.

Studying for the tests should be taken very seriously, but is not necessarily a chore. Though it is recommended that you study at least two hours a day and five days a week up until the test date, you may choose to enroll in weekly courses in your local area to help you complete the coursework necessary to receive your GED. Likewise, similar resources are available online.

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