Pass The Ged

Written by Ingrid Chen
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There is a simple philosophy that applies to achieving goals: don't let anything get in your way or bring you down. If, for example, you're looking to advance into a higher career position, you may begin to reconsider a prior decision to leave high school early because of difficulty or other problems. If you don't have a high school diploma, don't be discouraged or let it drag you down. There are steps you can take to achieve your career goals.

Obtaining a high school diploma equivalency may not be as difficult a process as you think. Though the GED (diploma equivalency) was developed originally as a means for war veterans to get the diploma they may have missed due to military service requirements, now individuals of all ages and situations can get a GED. There are over 3,000 testing centers in North America, so chances are you may find one convenient to your location.

Requirements for GED Testing

There are some requirements, such as age, residency, and length of absence from school that may apply to the GED process. These rules vary from state to state. As a general standard, however, the age minimum is 16 years old. Each section is a few hours long, and the entire test takes about seven and a half hours to complete. This is usually done in either a single sitting or on two separate occasions.

In order to pass the GED, you must score in or above the 60th percentile. This means that you scored as well or better than 60 percent of all test takers. In order to help you along, experts recommend at least two hours of study time per day, for five days a week until the day of the test. Self study materials may be obtained to help you, either at bookstores, from GED study companies, or through online resource centers. You might also want to employ the help of a personal counselor to guide you for more efficient study time. Some find GED classes are also extremely helpful, and these classes can be taken online for those unable to travel or leave the house at length.

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