Sacs Accreditation

Written by Ingrid Chen
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In a tight but growing economic market, job opportunities in all sorts of fields are available. However, many of these positions are highly sought after, and the candidates for employment are oftentimes in a very competitive situation. In order to match or exceed the competition, it helps to have a high school diploma or equivalency, or, even better, a college degree in whatever field the job may be.

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) serves as an organization that provides accreditation for all levels of schooling, from elementary to post-secondary and beyond. The SACS oversees accreditation of schools in the Southeastern United States: Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina and all states Eastern and Southern. So far, the SACS has accredited 13,000 schools in these states.

Why Accredit?

Many schools choose to be accredited because of the benefits that come along with the certification. Being accredited means having demonstrated a desire to meet research-based standards and participate in various educational improvement methods, including peer reviews and regular evaluations.

In return, the accredited school becomes part of a network of 13,000 schools, a majority of which can share resources designed to improve educational standards. The SACS also constantly provides the schools with access to a vast amount of resources. Those may include software and textbooks, as well as entrance into conferences that regularly present and update means of increasing educational standards.

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