Getting Into Law School

Written by Jared Vincenti
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With more and more students applying each year, it is becoming harder and harder to get into law school. Among so many other applicants, it may be hard to distinguish yourself and secure admission, especially if your LSAT scores or undergraduate GPA aren't particularly stellar. However, there are a few things you can do to set yourself apart from the crowd and land yourself a place in next year's classes.

Improving Your Chances

The first way to stand out from other applicants is to visit the school in person. Take a campus tour, chat with admissions counselors, and meet professors and students. Odds are, someone might remember you from your visit. At the very least, having a record of a visit shows that you are interested in that particular school, not just any law school.

The second thing you can do is to make sure you have good letters of recommendation. These are your chance to shine, and you should make sure that someone who knows you well is writing them. A letter of recommendation doesn't have to be perfect. In fact, someone who knows you well enough to fairly judge your skills and shortcomings will probably write the best letter of recommendation. Anyone can get a letter of praise--these letters are a chance to share a fair evaluation of yourself with the school.

Finally, put some real thought into your personal statements. Write a different one for each school that you apply to, and explain why you're a fit for their institution. A trite or generic personal statement is a good way to be lost in the paperwork, so be willing to expose yourself in this statement. Overall, you want the admissions office to have the most complete understanding of you that they can from the materials you give them.

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