Preparing For Law School

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Since all law schools require that you have a bachelor's degree before applying to law school, you may be wondering just what to take as an undergraduate to help prepare you for law school. Some schools offer a pre-law major to undergrads, which is a specific course of study designed to prepare the students for law school application.

What to Study Before Law School

Even if your school does not have a pre-law program, you can do an excellent job preparing for law school within the many disciplines of academia. Since law is a very interdisciplinary topic, you may even find yourself better prepared for law school by studying topics that aren't law. Indeed, the branch of law that interests you will largely determine how you may prepare for law school.

If you are interested in tax and business law, you might want to study business and marketing in college. If you are fascinated by the abstract basis of law, explore ethics and philosophy. If environmental law is more your style, an undergrad degree in biology and conservation will help your application.

As you can see, nearly every branch of law requires some knowledge of subjects outside the courtroom. You cannot go wrong by studying these before applying to law school. It shows that your interest is sincere, and that you will be a step ahead of the rest by being more familiar with the material that the laws actually apply to.

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