Alpha Omega Home School Curriculum

Written by Sierra Rein
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Establishing a strong standard in home education is what an Alpha Omega home school curriculum is all about. As a company dedicated to creating and publishing high quality home and Christian education plans, Alpha Omega is considered one of the top ranking educational businesses in the nation. Many parents and churches rely on the tools and extracurricular plans that this company has to offer.

Because a parent may be unsure of the reliability of schooling their child is receiving in his regular classes, some decide to take responsibility for his education. If the parent chooses to remove her child from school entirely, she must follow all state laws regarding the level of home schooling, testing, and notification. In this, she must provide excellent, challenging and personalized home schooling for her child that leaves no "learning gaps" behind.

Choosing an Alpha Omega Home School Curriculum

This publishing company provides a large array of different home school books. It also carries a unique line of computer-based learning tools called Switched On Schoolhouse, that is directly designed for the computer and Internet-savvy student. Most of their items can be customized for a student, depending on his age, current grade level and learning path.

For parents who understand that learning the Bible is just as important as learning math, reading or grammar, Alpha Omega has a good line of church study lessons. These can be purchased individually or as a part of the curriculum as a whole. All books and tools come with instructions, plans, advice and access to help forums for parents and children who have questions along the way.

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