Alpha Omega Lifepac

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Alpha Omega Lifepac series is a home schooling option based on the Bible. For Christian children from levels K through 12, it provides a comprehensive collection of lessons based on the King James version of the Holy Book. Both New and Old Testament are covered, along with the core subjects of History, Math, Geography, Language Arts and Science.

The Alpha Omega company knows that a child benefits from having a home school curriculum that is both fun and challenging at the same time. Too much information, and the child gets frustrated with his own development; too little stimulation, and she gets bored with the whole process. This balance is always on the mind of the developers of the Lifepac home series.

The Many Levels of the Alpha Omega Lifepac

The creators of Lifepac believes that a student should be learning at his or her specific and unique level. Before a parent chooses to purchase home schooling tools for his child, he should perform a small series of diagnostic tests to determine where the student is in the learning process. The student will not be frustrated by her studies and the parent can be comfortable, knowing that the child is on her way towards a higher education.

The Alpha Omega Lifepac can be customized for the emotional or moral level of the child as well. Some life issues and lessons of the Bible are a bit more complicated or challenging than others for a child, depending on past schooling or church teachings. Establishing a strong understanding of the basics of God, the 10 Commandments and a child's role in the world today will help her comprehend the more difficult teachings of Heaven, death and morality in the Bible.

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