Written by Jill Morrison
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Apologia is defined as a written defense or vindication. In particular, it refers to an intelligent defense of the Christian faith. Apologetics is a branch in Christian theology that tackles concerns with Christian faith and historical evidence. With apologetics, the Christian faith is presented clearly and logically.

Apologia Concerns

Apologia is a defense of Christianity. Christianity as a religion is constantly under attack skeptics, atheists, and other religious groups. Apologetics defend Christianity and provide accurate evidence in support of Christianity. By studying the objections of those against Christianity, apologetics can take its course on disproving contradictory theories.

Not all Christians will use Apologetics to strongly defend their religious beliefs. Some Christians believe in enjoying a quiet and personal connection with God. In this case, they will not discuss their beliefs with those who disagree with Christian principles. Apologia is reserved for Christians who are truly devout and want to share their beliefs and the truths of Christianity with the world.

Many reading and listening materials are available that discuss principles of Apologetics. These materials defend and promote the Christian faith and use historical facts to do so. Reading materials may go into scientific, philosophical, legal, and logical evidence that God exists and that the Bible is His Word of truth. Christians can use the information in Apologetics to understand Christianity to the fullest extent and to accurately defend their beliefs.

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