Apologia Science

Written by Jill Morrison
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Apologia Science refers to the study of Christian faith from a historical, defensive standpoint. Apologia is a Greek word, meaning "defense". The branch of Apologetics was developed from this meaning to present and defend the Christian faith. Apologia scholars use historical evidence and theories to challenge those who do not agree with the principles of Christianity.

Characteristics of Apologia Science

Apologia Science builds a case in proving the existence of God and the truth of the Bible. It prepares Christians to reason with unbelievers who are opposed to Christianity. Attacks are common from skeptics, atheists, cults, and other religious groups. Apologetics provides Christians with a firm defense for their Christian beliefs.

Reading materials and listening materials can be found that discuss topics in Apologia Science. These materials will help to prepare Christians to defend their beliefs and understand the historical evidence behind Christian beliefs. Materials may look at Apologetics from a classical, evidential, cumulative, philosophical, historical, scientific, logical, or legal standpoint.

Studying the concerns and objections by non-believers helps to further the path of Apologetics. Since Apologia works to defend Christianity, opposing views must be observed. Then Christians will have an intelligent and informed response to attacks on their faith. Studying Apologetics can help you to build a more solid Christian foundation and to be able to share it effectively with others.

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