Audio Bible

Written by Sierra Rein
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An audio Bible is one of the best tools to purchase for a family or home schooling course. Using the spoken word and a few choice sound effects, the makers of a spoken word version of the Holy Book can truly bring all the teachings and stories of it to life. The audio can be either direct readings from the text or extrapolated versions of the many stories themselves.

Audio books are great for people on the go. They are great options for Christian families who wish to continue their Bible studies while on the road or driving to vacation spots. Even if they are not in an area that has a Church on Sunday, they can be learning about the Old and New Testament through the car tape or CD player!

The Appropriate Level of an Audio Bible

Every person learns at a different level of understanding, and many children love hearing their lessons as opposed to reading them. As supplemental material, an audio cassette can be a great way to teach a child the Bible. However, for young children or those with learning difficulties, a good translation with basic words and clear vocabulary is a better choice than a straight reading of the text.

Some companies include an audio Bible as part of a larger Christian home schooling curriculum. They can be purchased through companies such as Alpha Omega, or by doing a quick search on the Internet. Whether one buys them on an individual basis or as a part of a larger whole, an audio version of the Bible can become an integral part of any young Christian's educational career.

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