A Beka Curriculum

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Beka curriculum is a Christian home schooling program. This program was developed at the Pensacola Christian Academy and improved over a 50 year period. Today, the A Beka curriculum is recognized as the standard in Christian education by scholars across the nation. This program combines standard lessons of learning with traditional biblical lessons.

A Beka Curriculum Characteristics

The A Beka curriculum provides education to children from a biblical standpoint. Material is presented from God's point of view. It was developed over years of research and maintains Scriptural truth. The purpose of the program is to lead children to Christ, to develop their Christian character, and to instruct them on biblical principles.

With A Beka, children will learn about all of the topics they would normally discuss in school. The difference is they will learn about these subjects from a biblical standpoint. Children will study subjects such as history, English, science, economics, and math. The A Beka founders focus on presenting these subjects as a form of God's creation.

By using the A Beka home schooling program, parents will be able to maintain control over their children in learning and can monitor their progress. This program allows for a combination of Sunday school and traditional school lessons to be taught. Children will develop a strong Christian foundation as they learn about standard school subjects. The A Beka program provides students to use the finest tools available in Christian education.

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