Bible Object Lessons

Written by Sierra Rein
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Bible object lessons are incredibly important to the development of Christians across the world. The traditional description of an object lesson is one taught with the intent of teaching a valuable principle or underlying morality. They are usually performed using the aid of a physical object, such as a picture or iconographic logo.

Children and young adults are very susceptible to images and physical, tactile learning tools. By utilizing Bible object lessons, a child can have an easier time comprehending the difficult principles involved in learning right from wrong and how God figures in to his daily life. When the time comes to make important moral decisions, the object lesson will then stick in his mind and help guide him towards the best Christian lifestyle.

Types of Bible Object Lessons

Object lessons are as varied as the imagination will allow. Most teachers and home school educators enjoy working with images, such as a painting taken directly from a memorable scene in the Bible. The teacher can point to the characters and discuss their moral dilemmas, while the students can create concrete images of the characters and associate their names and moral fiber with the picture.

Like Bible story lessons, these types of teaching methods are incredibly interactive and can afford a wonderful sense of bonding and fun between the student and teacher. Parents can take advantage of this and perform object lessons themselves to become more involved in their child's learning process and to assess early on if there are any holes in his spiritual growth. The child, in turn, can ask questions of the parent and come to a deeper understanding of each one of the youth Bible lessons.

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