Bible Story Lessons

Written by Sierra Rein
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Everyone loves to hear a good story, but Christians in particular thrive on learning through Bible story lessons. They are usually the first methods of teaching toddler Bible lessons, as they do not necessarily require any reading comprehension skills. Even five to ten minutes is all that is necessary to tell a great oral story and to teach a child the Bible.

Many Bible story lessons have been told before, again and again. However, it is how a teacher tells a tale that truly makes the difference in a student's life. Kids are more likely to remember a story, and all the principles and morals associated with it, if there are story telling aids helping along the way.

Making Bible Story Lessons Fun!

A child can be stimulated utilizing a number of different storytelling methods. Pictures and overlaying imagery is a great way to do so. A teacher or parent can purchase or make a pre-arranged storybook kit that contains a big background image, overlaying scenes, and movable characters from the Bible to make the story come alive.

Videos can also be an easy way of telling stories to children. Producers of these shows take a long time to develop animated and live-action versions of the most powerful and important tales from the Bible. Teachers and parents can then take a half hour or hour after watching the video to discuss the moral, spiritual or personal implications of each story.

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