Calvert School

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Calvert School was founded in 1897 in Baltimore City. It has grown incredibly over the years. 15 students began taking courses at this school in 1897. Today, over 400 boys and girls are enrolled each year. Calvert also has a home schooling program that has been active for nearly 100 years.

Calvert School Characteristics

The goal is the Calvert School is to provide children with a strong foundation in basic skills needed for success in the world today. The Calvert program aims to stimulate students in the learning process and to help them to recognize and develop their talents. By leading children to personal accomplishment, the school helps to improve their confidence and drive to succeed.

The leaders at the Calvert School understand that the early years in development are critical in shaping a child's future success. Children are more likely to become successful, happy, and productive in their adult lives if they are provided with a strong start and a solid foundation in education. The Calvert atmosphere helps children to grow with confidence and to develop character as they learn about necessary school subjects.

Many parents are interested in the Calvert home schooling program. This program is very structured and has a time-tested approach. Calvert has high standards with choices of textbooks and other learning materials for their home schooling program. Each year, the lesson plans and textbook materials are evaluated, so you can be sure that your child is receiving the best home school education possible.

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