Catholic Home School Curriculum

Written by Sierra Rein
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To find a good Catholic home school curriculum, it is up to both the parents and the child to discover for themselves what works. Home schooling, especially within the Catholic community, is often difficult to pin down without professional help. However, with careful research into the best Bible-based home school books and curriculum, any family can create a strong, moral and spiritual home school experience.

The first considerations before choosing a Catholic home school curriculum is how to follow state home schooling laws. Most states require notification if a child is going to be taken out of school and are going to begin home school lessons. Some demand yearly or bi-yearly testing by professional educators to make sure the child is learning at a decent pace.

Finding the Right Catholic Home School Curriculum

The next step is to figure out the educational level and spiritual understanding of the child. Discussing this with previous teachers, church members and the child herself are great starts to analyze this successfully. If there are any learning problems or personality challenges, these should be immediately taken into account for any future educational plans.

A bit of research into Christian publishing companies and shopping sources will gain further insight into all the teaching tools, such as workbooks, textbooks, Bible cassettes, and other curricular demands. These should be matched to the kid's personal stage of development, both educationally and spiritually. In addition to Catholic studies, keeping a varied and strong array of subjects, from geography and history to music and language art, will maintain a well rounded and full education for the growing mind.

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