Child Bible Lessons

Written by Sierra Rein
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Many people decide to begin child Bible lessons in part because of particular religious convictions. They may feel as though the child's current school does not teach the family's particular faith as extensively as they like. Or, they may think that the school teaches spiritual lessons that are in complete opposition to their traditional views.

No matter what the reason, a family can begin child Bible lessons easily. With a strong weekly curriculum, a young mind can take in all the stories of the Bible, the teachings of Jesus and learn how the Book relates to her own life. Once the young adult is old enough, her parent can teach reading comprehension and learn directly from the Bible itself.

Teaching Child Bible Lessons at Home

Finding the time between normal school lessons and extracurricular activities is the first challenge to conquer. It should be at a time that is not too early and not too late in the day, and must be in the same environment as any other studious task (ie, quiet, well-lit and away from distractions). The right resources, from Bible cassettes and workbooks to visual aids, should be available as well.

Of course, conflict will arise in any weekly schedule and a parent may find herself stuck away from home with the kids. To compensate for lost time, parents should keep at hand small "emergency" plans to maintain a child's attention on the Bible. These can also be utilized as opportunities to teach a child reading skills and to develop further parental/child bonds.

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