Curriculum Lifepac

Written by Sierra Rein
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The curriculum Lifepac plan is one of the many options coming from the Alpha Omega publishing company. It can be purchased for either in school or at home schooling for children grades K through 12. Featuring many course descriptions, these kits can be sent individually or as a full yearly set.

Because many parents struggle with the idea of going into home schooling, the curriculum Lifepac plan includes a "Parent's Guide to Mastering Lifepac" instructional manual. This details all the organizational plans of the curriculum, as well as sample courses and workbooks. These can all be analyzed and read ahead of time before deciding whether the curriculum is right for the child.

Courses and Subjects Within the Curriculum Lifepac

Even thought Alpha Omega creates many faith-based, Christian home school curriculum courses, it also features many other subjects as well. In addition to the Bible pack, Lifepac offers History and Geography (world, American, and religious), Language Arts (reading, writing, vocabulary, speaking and listening), and Mathmatics (from number orders to Trigonometry). The Science pac includes life, earth and space, chemistry, and physics courses that help the understanding of God's creations.

Judging which course level to purchase for a child is also incredibly important. Some parents may decide to balance their choices in home school books with the needs of the kid's education. So, if the 4th grade student is good in everything but mathematics, a 3rd level math pac can be chosen for him to get him in the right direction.

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