Distance Learning

Written by Jill Morrison
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Distance learning can be used as a method of schooling. It involves learning from home, rather than attending a public or private school. Lectures, lesson plans, reading materials, assignments, and discussions can be completed online when you receive a distance education. Students can enroll at any age or level. However, some programs only accept students in the junior high and high school grade levels.

Distance Learning Options

Adults and children at different levels can use distance learning to receive an education. Adults may choose to use a home school program because attending a school may conflict with their work schedule. A distance education program allows adults to choose their own schedule and amount of workload for classes. So, they can complete their courses all at once, or one at a time, as it fits into their schedule.

Many parents choose distance learning for their children as a way to monitor the learning material and the progress of their child. Parents may also have scheduling issues that may factor into this decision. For instance, if a school is not located near the home, parents may choose home schooling so that traveling to school is not a hassle for the family. Some parents like to be involved in creating lesson plans for their child and this can be done through some home school programs.

A distance education is most often completed online. In the past, assignments and educational materials were passed between teachers and students by mail. Today, the Internet makes the home school learning process much easier and way more efficient. Students can even interact with each other and with their teachers online to discuss school topics.

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