Home Schooling

Written by Jill Morrison
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Home schooling is a great option for students with special needs, certain beliefs that do not correspond with traditional lesson plans, or simply scheduling issues. Many parents are not happy with the way their child is performing in school. Home schooling can be used as a tool to monitor the progress of a child in learning and also to have influence over the materials presented in class.

Home Schooling Characteristics

Home schooling allows children to learn and work on assignments from home. It is an excellent option for families who do not live close to a school. Rather than sending the child away to school, or traveling a long distance to school each day, children can learn directly from their home computer.

With a home school program, children can learn about all of the subjects they would normally discuss in school. Yet, lesson plans can also be customized to reflect certain beliefs, such as religious topics, which are not allowed to be used in traditional schools for teaching. Many parents prefer to help customize lesson plans, so they know their child will reach his/her learning potential, and they can do this through a home school program.

Home school programs offer many of the same tools that are used in regular classrooms. Students may continue to attend lectures and discussion sessions with teachers and other students. Yet, these sessions will be held over video feed online. Teachers and other students have the ability to interact and contact each other quickly by using the Internet as well.

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