Home Schools

Written by Jill Morrison
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Home schools allow students to receive an education from the comfort of their own home. Students of all ages and levels can attend a home schooling program. The most common programs available serve children at the high school and junior high levels. Yet courses for less advanced students and even college level student can be found online.

Options in Home Schools

Many different types of home schools are available online. Home schooling allows for a more flexible schedule with work or other obstacles. For adults, home schooling allows them to finish school and to continue working in the process. Adults can choose to take one or many classes as they fit into their schedule.

Many parents choose home schooling programs for their children as a way to monitor their progress and the materials presented in lessons. Home schooling allows children to work at their own pace and may give them more of an opportunity to meet their potential in learning. Many home school programs offer plenty of comparable tools for learning that children would receive in traditional school classes. For instance, some programs offer live video lectures online.

One of the concerns with home schools is the lack of social interaction children will experience by learning at home. Some parents will enroll their children in many additional activities such as sports groups or after school activities to provide them with more interaction with peers. Some home schooling programs also offer online meeting places for students to interact and discuss their home school experiences.

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Funny coincidence, I just fienhsid teaching the reaction on the whiteboard on your photo :-)For what it's worth, if one's interested in sciences, labs are irreplaceable. Learning how to make drugs that save lives is a very humbling experience.I hear you can take organic chemistry online...but without the most useful (lab) component. Personally, I enjoyed college. But then I found a group of friends who were not there for a 'college experience', but who thrived to expand their skills and knowledge to become the most useful people they can possibly be. My closest friends became doctors, special education teachers, and professors. It was wonderful to be friends with them and understand what their education and learning entailed.Good luck to Paige!