Keystone National High School

Written by Jill Morrison
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Keystone National High School is a distance learning program for students at the high school level. Over 20,000 students are currently enrolled in this school. Over 185,000 students have experienced this program since it was created in 1974. Keystone students experience their lessons in school by working online from their home.

Keystone National High School Characteristics

Keystone National High School provides education to high school students via the Internet. It is an excellent option for a home schooling program. With home schooling, you can monitor the types of lessons and the progress your child is making in their education. You can use the Keystone program as a complete educational program, or enroll your child in single classes as a supplement to their current form of education.

Keystone National High School students can enroll at any age. The only requirement is previous completion of schooling until the 8th grade. To be accepted at an earlier age, students can take an exam or go through an evaluation to see if they are fit to enroll in courses at Keystone. Advanced students in an earlier grade level can be accepted into Keystone High School.

Keystone High School allows high school to come to your child, rather than the other way around. Students can work on lessons via correspondence, or through the online school. Keystone has an exceptional Advisory Teaching Service that is offered at no additional cost to your child. Keystone also offers year-round enrollment, so students can work when and where they will receive the best possible education.

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