Written by Sierra Rein
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Lifepac is the cornerstone education series developed by the Alpha Omega Publishing Company. Designed to provide Bible-based home school books for families across the nation, this collection of subject kits are good for children grades K through 12. All are produced from the Biblical viewpoint, allowing Christian parents to raise their children in the educational faith-based environment they want.

The Alpha Omega Lifepac series is divided into five subjects: the Bible, history and geography, language arts, math, and science. You can find each subject in each grade level. A parent can then pick and choose between all the subjects and grades to custom-create a personal curriculum for his or her child.

The Scope and Style of Lifepac

Like most other Alpha Omega home school curriculum plans, Lifepac is designed to guide the child through the world we live in and tie it in to the Christian faith. Included in each pac are 10 student workbooks that both teach and drill students through the course. A teacher's guide will aid the parent, guardian or professional teacher to help the student learn.

Each grade has a specific concentrated topic, allowing focused learning on certain concepts. For example, U.S. communities in history, Biblical geography in the Bible, and number relations in math are discussed in more detail in the 3rd grade. This way, certain subjects are not glossed over in a "general" way, and the student can have a more extensive education throughout the year.

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