Noah Plan

Written by Jill Morrison
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The NOAH Plan is an educational program for children with a strong focus on Christian principles. The program was developed by the FACE, or Foundation for American Christian Education. The program was developed after years of research and is now primarily used in private schools and for home schooling.

NOAH Plan Characteristics

The NOAH Plan was created to provide children with an education using biblical and historical principles. The program has been successful for nearly 20 years and is versatile, so it can meet the needs of any type of child. The program can teach children from kindergarten, all the way through high school, if desired. It is comprehensive in subjects and allows children to apply Christian principles in everyday learning.

With Christian home schooling, your children will learn about standard school subjects while also learning about Sunday school subjects. Christian principles have been excluded from contemporary methods of education. Many parents are concerned that their children will learn about subjects from a biased standpoint in standard public schools. By using a Christian home schooling program, you can be sure that your children are receiving a solid Christian education.

The NOAH Plan is known as one of the best options in Christian home schooling programs. It abandons the methods that have corrupted modern education and focuses on exploring the world as God's creation. Students will achieve a sense of individuality, responsibility, diligence, excellence, and resourcefulness with this Christian-based home schooling program.

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