Northstar Academy

Written by Jill Morrison
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The NorthStar Academy is an online school for Christian students. Programs are offered in the United States, the UK, and in Canada. For NorthStar schooling, students can experience a home school, independent learning program, or may enroll in the Academy. Your child will learn about all of the necessary school subjects from a Christian perspective.

NorthStar Academy Benefits

There are many benefits in enrolling your child in the NorthStar Academy. With the home school program, you will be able to monitor your child and his/her progress throughout the lessons. You will not need to create lesson plans or schedules. NorthStar will do that for you. Best of all, you can be sure that your child is learning about good Christian values at the same time they are learning about other school subjects with the home school program and at the Academy..

With NorthStar home schooling, your child will experience a full year of assignments, lessons, projects, and tests on specific topics. All of the lesson plans and tests are created in advance by NorthStar. So, you will not need to spend any additional time organizing for your child to be home-schooled. NorthStar also provides a resource center for any additional help your child may need for information on certain topics.

If you are worried about the lack of social interaction your child will receive with home schooling, know that NorthStar has developed a good solution. All NorthStar students have access to the Student Cafe. The Student Cafe is an online social area for NorthStar Academy students and NorthStar home school students. They can experience rooms for debate, prayer, writing aids, chess club, creative writing and many more distinctive areas of interaction.

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