Online Learning

Written by Jill Morrison
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Online learning is growing in popularity as a tool for receiving a solid education. In the past traditional schools provided the best possible education. Some students were home schooled through correspondence. Yet, the mail system was slow and did not provide personal interaction with other students and teacher. New online tools are now used to provide students with an effective education.

Options in Online Learning

Home schooling is a great option for many families. It allows parents to monitor the progress of their children and the types of materials presented in lesson plans. Students can work at a comfortable pace and are also pushed to excel with most home school programs. Most of the programs now use online classes to teach children in home school.

The primary concern that parents have with online learning is the lack of interaction with students and teachers. Some parents will keep their children in home school, regardless of the lack of interaction, but will enroll their child in after school activities to make up for it. Fortunately, many online schooling programs have devised a solution for this problem. With certain internet tools, students can interact online in lectures and discussions.

Some online learning programs offer live class lectures online. Students can listen to and watch a lecture from a teacher online. Special discussion session may also be held so that teachers and students can discuss what they have learned in real time chat rooms. Some schools even offer online meeting areas where students can interact.

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