Potters School

Written by Jill Morrison
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The Potters School is a home schooling program that allows students to receive an online education. Internet video-conferencing technology is used to provide students with external instruction on many different topics. This school teaches standard subjects to children from a biblical point of view. The program is known for its high standards in academics, morals, and character development through educational tools.

Qualities of the Potters School

The Potters School accepts students in grade levels 7 through 12. A broad range of courses are offered at every level. The teacher of each course will provide the lesson plan, will grade papers and exams, and will offer constructive feedback to each student enrolled in the course. The teachers may also be used as a resource when children need additional help outside of the course.

For each class, students will meet with their teacher for 90 minutes, once every week. This is made possible through Internet video-conferencing. The video conference class will feature instruction from the teacher, followed by discussion. Video, audio, chat, web presentation, and an interactive whiteboard are used as teaching tools for each course. These live sessions also allow students to interact from many different locations.

At the Potters School, certain expectations are desired from each family involved. Parents must supervise students to make sure they are on track. Students must have high economic standards, must have the ability to work well in an independent study atmosphere, and must meet for classes on time and with good attendance. Teachers will provide student and parents with evaluations and feedback on the progress of the student.

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