Preschool Bible Lessons

Written by Sierra Rein
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Preschool Bible lessons are traditionally the first glimpse a child has into the world of his personal faith. While he may not understand the concepts behind good and evil, he can still understand friendship and how the Bible teaches us to treat each other fairly. Through carefully designed lessons, any preschool child can begin understanding the Bible and all its teachings.

Toddlers and preschoolers are learning the first steps towards working with each other and how to get along. However, they need to be stimulated through bright colors, easy to understand shapes and stories. It is imperative for the teacher that she use entertainment and fun, involving the children and letting them play while they learn.

Fun Materials to Make Preschool Bible Lessons Play, not Work

A preschooler loves stories and will listen in rapt attention if they are told well and in exciting ways. Luckily, the Bible is full of incredibly interesting stories, from the story of Noah and the Ark to the tale of Jesus. Bringing in video tapes and diorama storybook aids, replete with backgrounds, overlays, and figures of prominent Biblical characters can make the Holy Book come to life. The teacher can help the preschoolers travel through the Bible, or help them write their own stories and how they would like to solve the many moral issues in it.

Preschool Bible lessons do not have to be hard-hitting or intensive. Rather, they should stimulate a love for the Bible in the child so that he or she can grow up to truly appreciate all the other, more difficult lessons later on. By establishing a good connection between the preschooler and the book, one can assure good learning habits in future youth Bible lessons to come.

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