Preschool Home School Curriculum

Written by Sierra Rein
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For many parents, a preschool home school curriculum is the best way to introduce the child into the world of education. It may only be for a year or so, until the child is old enough to go into a formal Kindergarden class. Or, it may be the first steps into a long, 12 grade home schooling process.

No matter which route one takes, the preschool home school curriculum must be able to capture the attention of a young child or a group of them. Usually, this implies the use of color and engaging stories to illustrate the use of shapes, the understanding of numbers and the fun to be had with nature. For Christians, home school toddler Bible lessons can be used to introduce the Old and New Testament characters as well.

Tools for a Preschool Home School Curriculum

Art is perhaps the best interactive tool to help preschoolers learn about the world and themselves. By getting them involved in either looking or creating pictures, you help them understand the concepts of shapes, color and simple physics. Drawing characters in stories, whether from the Bible or from the child's own experience, can teach communication skills and how to express oneself fully.

Some teachers or home schooling parents may wish to use pre-made story telling devices such as felt dioramas. These can arrive as kits featuring overlays and characters that can be moved around on the diorama to tell the story in more detail. Children can even use these tools themselves to come up with their own personal tales!

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