Saxon Math

Written by Jill Morrison
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Saxon Math is a unique program used in home schooling. The program offers an incremental approach to math topics. For instance, students will learn topics and then will build upon them as new topics are learned. This approach is different to standard math courses because a chapter-based lesson is not used in the plan.

Saxon Math Options

Saxon Math is used frequently in home schooling programs. The publishers of this program are committed to providing the proper tools for a solid education. Student results can be seen in test scores, lessons, and when students understand and enjoy learning about the subject in the lesson plan. The Saxon program can be used in public or private schools. However, it is most commonly used for home schooling.

Home schooling provides a different type of environment for educational development. In traditional schools, students are expected to understand a new mathematical concept with each class. The Saxon program allows students to build on each concept they have learned with each class. Then, they will not forget about each concept as a new topic is discussed. The best way for students to maintain knowledge is through repetition and Saxon Math uses this strategy.

The Saxon Home School Kit divides lesson plans into smaller increments. Concepts are more easily grasped by students with this lesson format. Every assignment provides a cumulative review of previously learned information in addition to a new lesson.

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