Strategy To Teach Reading

Written by Sierra Rein
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Almost every parent worries about finding a good strategy to teach reading. Whether a child is just learning her ABC's or having difficulty with the reading curriculum in school, it can be nerve wracking to come up with a good plan of teaching. For home school parents, this can be doubly urgent, as their child's future will rely on their ability to read.

For young children, the best strategy to teach reading is to stimulate not only their understanding of the alphabet and word composition, but also to attract them to the learning process itself. Songs and games regarding the alphabet are great ways of doing this, as well as utilizing reading and story times as well. The age-old tactic of reading with one's kids also creates an association of reading with family, comfort and fun.

Finding a Strategy to Teach Reading for Older Children

Once the basics of reading are taught, one then has to capture the intellectual and emotional parts of a child and keep her interested in reading. Study questions are often a great way to ask the child her opinion of the text and to develop different options and solutions for the problems in the book. Discussing the history of the author will bring the world of the book to life and will teach the kid that books are creative venues for real people.

Actually, asking children to write their own books, stories and short tales is one of the best ways to teach reading comprehension. By understanding the writing process, a child will be more appreciative of the hard work that goes into it and will read at an easier pace. However, if there are any recognizable learning difficulties, it is best to contact a professional and ask about all the options available.

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