Switched On Schoolhouse

Written by Sierra Rein
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The Switched On Schoolhouse program is a professional home school kit that can be purchased by parents to teach children and teenagers grades 3 through 12. It utilizes the tenets of the Bible to create a completely faith-based curriculum. In addition to the Bible, this program includes the core subjects of History and Geography, Math, Science and Language Arts.

Purchasers of this product can choose from either the King James Version or the American Standard version of the Bible. Elementary students benefit from a clean survey of the entire Bible, gaining a general knowledge of the stories and characters involved. In the next, secondary stage, proper interpretation of the morals and difficult moral struggles will then be taught.

The Unique Teaching Tactics of Switched On Schoolhouse

The most amazing part of SOS is that it is made especially for the computer. In addition to text and workbooks, this system of learning includes interactive CD-ROMS. These allow access to instant and automatic grading systems, teacher and student menus, and the ability to connect to Alpha Omega Publishing's online library.

In addition to the core subjects, Switched On Schoolhouse offers a number of elective subjects to help round out the home school curriculum. Some titles include Elementary French, Consumer Math and The Story of the Constitution. For the 11th or 12th grader who needs to begin the process of applying and testing for the next educational stage, the College Planner is a great supplemental purchase as well.

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