Teach The Bible

Written by Sierra Rein
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There are many methods to teach the Bible to children. Some are better for younger students, while others resonate in a different way with older kids. Choosing a good curriculum is the first step for any parent concerned with teaching their child about the Bible.

While classes in Sunday school previously took care of a lot of the Bible studies in previous generations, current church teachings are not up to par with the past. Parents are more likely to perform hands-on teaching techniques and bring Bible lessons home. Some families make it a part of their daily routine to read passages from the Book after dinner and to answer any questions of each other before going to bed.

Entertaining Ways to Teach the Bible

One of the most effective methods to teach the Bible to very young students is to bring the stories and characters alive. To do this, teachers and parents employ storytelling techniques that integrate fun into the learning process. Some even use visual aids like pictures and movable character dioramas to illustrate stories in more detail and to truly involve students within the Biblical world.

For teen Bible lessons, utilizing home school books is a great way of introducing more formal teachings of the Good Book. Teenagers respond well to morality lessons of choosing between right and wrong and knowing how to treat other people with compassion and justice. After all, every lesson that is relevant to their growing understanding in life, and their place in society, is more likely to resonate strongly within them, making the journey through the Bible personal and fulfilling.

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